Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First ever blog post!

I love this photo, my two favourite men on our holiday in Australia for my friends wedding!  I guess as a first post on a blog, I will start with my family and I so you can get to know us!  I love our little family, we live in constant chaos and I think its more fun that way.  Tane and I have never done things the safe way.  We have an idea and we run with it.  

We were talking while we were on this holiday, about what formulas would be best for Kahu as he was becoming more and more difficult to breastfeed.  His self weaning was a really distressing time and lots of guilt followed for me.  We thought organic was the next best thing we could offer him.  Organic formula was really expensive and there wasnt much choice.  On holiday in Australia we found the Bellamy's organic range and Tane said why dont you sell it in NZ?  Then we just went for it and as usual I couldnt stop finding more amazing products. 

Naked Baby's website was created and launched in 3 months, we have been running ever since, learning, making mistakes and learning how to juggle a million things.  I love this little website and find it really amazing talking to customers over Facebook.  

As every other business appears to have a blog I thought I would jump on board and give it a go! Wish me luck as it appears much harder than it looks!


  1. Hi Kate, its nice to have a picture to go with the name! Kahu is gorgeous. I was going thru some baby pics earlier tonight as its Ellas first birthday today and want to make a collage, looking back at her so little made me clucky too !

    Good luck fo the wedding next week, im a computer addict nowadays, so looking forward to reading your blogs !

  2. Hi! Dont worry I will post lots of photos on here. Kahu playing with products etc. I am in the process of doing that too. I am trying to put together a snapfish album as christmas presents for the grandparents... its hard as there are sooo many photos to go through! I am addicted too, my poor husband to be!

  3. LOVE that you're now in the world of blogging!
    (I'm pretty new to it myself, and joined for the same reason :) hehe)
    I adore all things Naked Baby... Good luck with the blogging!!
    <3 Sarah

  4. hey kate you wee man is sooo cute! <3 Alexis

  5. Oh I love your blog, it looks amazing! You might need to give me some tips to make mine look pretty, it has taken me hours just to get mine to look this simple! I am now following you too!