Monday, March 28, 2011

Bathtime fun!

I have been coveting these Frog Pods by Boon for a long time! I am happy to say we now own one and it was totally worth it!  It is so cool, that I have decided Naked Baby needs to stock them.

Kahu loves his new Froggy! I love it too, it not only stores his bath toys, it also holds his bath wash and shampoo AND my bath scrub thingy.  The back of the Frog or scoop as its really called comes of the base of the frog and you can scoop all the toys out of the bath, the water runs off and they dry out! Fabulous.

Here are some piccy's of it in action in our bathroom.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nappy Time

Ok so I have been pretty useless at updating this thing lately!  Not enough hours in the day and increased hostile situation negotiations (full blown 2 year tantrums!) 

Do you have those moments as a parent when you suddenly realise how funny your conversations with your child actually are?

I was full swing into a 1/2 hour heated discussion on the reasons why my son couldn't sit in his pooey nappy all day long and simply must let me change it, when I burst out laughing.  For me "poo wrangling" as I call it is a daily activity.  My son HATES his nappy being changed, he kicks, screams, and worse... grabs the offensive nappy and flings it poo and all across the room.  I need octopus hands. 

Today I thought better I reason with him and tell him all the reasons why he should let me change his nappy, only after 1/2 an hour did I realise how ridiculous my conversation would seem if any other person heard it.  Burst out laughing I did, and so did my son.  These are the moments I love. 

Anway below is a wee piccy of Kahu at his grandparents farm (notice nappyless) and the nappy's which have never looked better, drying in an open paddock!