Friday, February 18, 2011

Bellamy's organic baby food & formula

I just thought I would share a little something about where the idea for Naked Baby came from.  When Kahu was quite young he started to self wean, I found it a really difficult time.  I wanted to give my child the best possible start in life, and even though breastfeeding had started out on a very easy and natural road, at some point he just started not wanting it anymore.  I tried everything, and he screamed, bit me and blatantly refused.  This was distressing for both of us. 

I started pumping breastmilk so that at least he was getting it in some form, and I think with the stress and guilty feelings, the milk just stopped coming, and I couldn't pump anymore.  I went through all kinds of feelings from thinking I was a terrible mother, a failure to my child etc, it took me a while to feel ok about bottle feeding Kahu.  Eventually I decided that the main thing was my baby was getting the right nutrients and felt all the love that I had in my heart for him.

I looked at all the different baby formulas and decided that organic was the only way to go.  I found the brand Bellamy's in Australia and realised it was not available here.  So I decided to start selling it and set up a website.  Of course my ideas grew and Naked Baby developed into a eco baby boutique.

I loved that Bellamy's had a great philosophy behind their brand, as they played a big part in the inspiration for Naked Baby I thought I would share a little about their company as well.

"The Bellamy’s Organic story began almost twenty years ago...

Once upon a time in Tasmania, a new mother and organic farmer, wanted to provide her four children with convenient, nutritious meals that tasted as good as those she could prepare in her own kitchen.  She believed that organic foods are most beneficial for babies and young children as they are vulnerable to harmful substances that might be in their food.  So she set about developing recipes and sourcing ingredients from Australian certified organic food producers, to be prepared into babies' first foods.

The first offerings were Bellamy's Organic Babyrice and Baby Porridge.

Today, Bellamy’s Organic proudly produce a wonderful range of family-friendly cereals, pastas, milk drinks, and snacks.  These include the ever popular toothiepegs teething rusks, freeze-dried Fruit Snacks, and new Pinkies fruit bars!

Most importantly, it is still a company operated by mums in Tasmania, producing nutritious and convenient food for families."