Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitchen - What I am dreaming of!

As well as running Naked Baby, my little company.  I dream of being an interior designer (just for fun!).  I just love our old house we bought and although she is run down and was neglected over the years, we have been dreaming of the way she will look when are finished. 

We are saving up our pennies and dreaming up ideas for our new kitchen. 

I have found such a cool idea on Design Sponge, turning some old Mason jars into some very funky lighting.  I can tell I will be scouring Trademe over the next couple of months to find some cool old bottles and create something similar for our feature lighting. 

There are so many awesome ideas out there creating some funky one off pieces out of trash! One person's trash another's treasure!

Days like today...

Last night my husband and I tucked in our much loved little boy... this morning we woke up to, hmm how to put this nicely, a monster child.  He smiled sweetly and greeted us with the usual "hi mummy", "hi daddy" and we both got one of his amazing cuddles, that makes us both melt. Little did we know that this adorable little boy was soon about to change...

It started with the breakfast I lovingly made being thrown on the floor.  The washing I folded, tipped and dragged all over the living room.  The clothes I put away, pulled out and dragged all over the floor.  The freshly made beds, now look worse than they did when I started.  The handbag I packed with nappies, snacks and whatever else we mums cart round dispatched to "better" places.  Cars being "crashed" into walls.  His entire bedroom being thrown down the stairs (maybe a slight exaggeration here but not far from the truth). Toilet paper being unraveled.  And the list goes on.

Anyway we finally made it our Plunket check up, with the house more or less tidy and handbag in tact.  The Plunket nurse asked all the usual questions.  How is he developing?  Is he speaking well?  Eating properly? Putting on weight? Behavior normal? etc etc. I respond with everything seems to be progressing well, and sprouted on about what a great little guy I had and how well he was learning, you know the proud mum!

She sweetly smiles at me asks if we can weigh and measure him... Well this signals my child to again turn into a monster.  He promptly tells the nurse "No I am not taking my clothes off, I am leaving".  As he throws himself screaming at the door I try and coax him in numerous ways to take his kit off and get on the scales.  He went stiff, then threw himself all over the floor telling me to "leave him alone" and "go away".  Anyway you get the picture, he screamed the place down.  At this point I am now more than slightly embarrassed.  I quickly get his clothes on and apologise and try to make a hasty exit.  The very patient nurse asks the monster if he would like a toothbrush?  He turns around, stops crying, smiles sweetly at her, takes the toothbrush and says "Thank you toothbrush lady, of see you later".  Tantrum forgotten, he happily walks out the door with his new prize and tells everyone he meets on the way out "Thank you toothbrush, see you next time", smiling like he is this well mannered, angelic child. 

Now I am sitting here, silently hoping that those noises coming from his room will soon stop, so I can get some work done.  The joys of being a stay at home mum running a business!  Days like today test my patience, make me want to run screaming for the hills and down a whole bottle of wine! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hazel the Humpback!

Looking for a project this winter?  I think I have just found one for you.

Wow I just LOVE this!  I am not a knitter but I think I may need to learn.  I pretty much have to admit that this is the funkiest piece of knitting I have ever seen!

This awesome idea comes from Beck Brittain and you can also download the template to make it as well!

The Measure Designs

The Measure dresses have arrived!  Oh my gosh the wait was certainly worth it!  They are devine.

These are truly statements pieces.  Team them up with merino and knits for winter and then wear with light weight cottons in summer.

I just love clothing ranges that will get passed down, although I can quite imagine, these will be put away for when your daughter grows older as keepsake pieces.  (I am thinking about getting the pinafore framed!)

About The Measure

I believe in little joys and hidden exultations. I believe in climbing trees as much as possible. I believe the ocean is more exhilarating than the Taj Mahal. I believe in the transformative power of clothing, and I strive to give you special pieces you and your daughter will cherish and hold dear.
I try to create clothes that are suitable for playing in the yard as well as visiting grandparents, clothes that walk a fine line between modern and vintage, and will be wearable for years. Most of my dresses are built to grow with your child, becoming a tunic and later a top as they grow taller. Comfort is never sacrificed for unique detailing.

Striving for sustainability, many of my dresses are made with 100% upcycled, repurposed men's button-up shirts. Always offered in colors that are easy to find (white, blue, white and blue stripe, grey, black, and off-white) they are also available in any print an Oxford is made in, depending on the availability in my inventory. I would love to take a treasured piece of Dad, Granddad, or Brother's clothing and transform it into a special heirloom for your little miss, one both you and she will treasure.