Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nappy Time

Ok so I have been pretty useless at updating this thing lately!  Not enough hours in the day and increased hostile situation negotiations (full blown 2 year tantrums!) 

Do you have those moments as a parent when you suddenly realise how funny your conversations with your child actually are?

I was full swing into a 1/2 hour heated discussion on the reasons why my son couldn't sit in his pooey nappy all day long and simply must let me change it, when I burst out laughing.  For me "poo wrangling" as I call it is a daily activity.  My son HATES his nappy being changed, he kicks, screams, and worse... grabs the offensive nappy and flings it poo and all across the room.  I need octopus hands. 

Today I thought better I reason with him and tell him all the reasons why he should let me change his nappy, only after 1/2 an hour did I realise how ridiculous my conversation would seem if any other person heard it.  Burst out laughing I did, and so did my son.  These are the moments I love. 

Anway below is a wee piccy of Kahu at his grandparents farm (notice nappyless) and the nappy's which have never looked better, drying in an open paddock!

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