Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pre Wedding Madness

I have been feeling rather calm about the wedding, and strangely feel like there is plenty of time to get everything done... hmmm.  Reality obviously hasnt set in yet, that it is only 8 days away.  I realise that there are pretty much no nappies left on Kahu's change table, thinking he has heaps I wonder where they have all gone.  I find them in the laundry, and they STINK!  I cant remember the last time I did the washing... oops.

Washing them is awful, I wont go into details but all I can say is lucky I am not pregnant or I would have been vomiting everywhere.  Lesson 1 of the day, rinse nappies when they get dirty so at least if you forget to wash them they are not stinking up a storm... SO I am not as organised as I thought. Some photos on a hot day last week of Kahu in his Itti Bitti's - so cute!

Mad dash to the supermarket today to get some MAN food... yes mine doesn't like to cook, so as much as I hate buying it, I am in the freezer section getting supplies so that while I am off (on my own) this weekend for my hens, I don't have to worry about him complaining about the apparent lack of edible food!

This brings me to my second lesson of the day... don't take a toddler to the supermarket too close to midday nap time.  I had to open half the shopping as bribery just to get down the isles without tantrums... I LOVE going to the supermarket these days. Finally he is at home in bed asleep, I have a coffee and am getting to orders out in peace.  This is my blissful part of the day.  

Tomorrow is cupcake day.  Yes I am crazy and have decided to bake my own wedding cake.  I have smartly enlisted the help of an amazing friend to "help"!  I am thinking this will turn out to be a quite effective day of wedding organisation as she asks me what I have left to do and offers to help.  Slightly cheeky you say? The answer is yes but I have just realised I cant do it all and have to get help where I can!

Below are some cute favour's I have made, I printed these from  I love this blog!


  1. Wow, what a busy life you lead! I know what you mean about nappies though, I continually need to relearn my lesson about dealing with nappies as they come, rather than procrastinating... Good luck with your wedding planning!

  2. ahhh I have gone and done it again... this time 2 little pesky ones hidden at the bottom of the washing basket that always seems to be full!